What I Wore: Days Recently Gone By

earrings – made by me
necklace – vintage from Stella Mae’s Aristocrat in Hot Springs!
shirt – thrifted like a million years ago
belt – Rainbow ($5!!!)
skirt – Trashy Diva (from like 4 years ago…)
shoes – Swedish Hasbeens

earrings – vintage from Stella Mae’s Aristocrat in Hot Springs!
shirt – Express
dress – Annette Dress in Zebra Bows, Trashy Diva
belt – Obi Belt, Trashy Diva
shoes – Fluevog

Argh you guys August is the longest month!!!!!

Seriously. I know I haven’t posted here in like weeks now, and I’ve lost all momentum. To do anything. Because it’s hot, and if it’s not hot, it’s raining! August is the longest month, but now begins a wonderful weekend of birthday celebrations for the boy, and then fall is almost here.

What HAVE I been doing? A bit of Frenchmen Art Market on most weekends (you know, when I don’t get rained out… sad face…). I’m planning to be there tomorrow night! Come see me?

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