A New Handmade Community: roost tribe!

by Mallory Whitfield on September 12, 2012

The always adorable Bonnie from Going Home To Roost recently invited me to check out the behind-the-scenes of her latest project: the ROOST TRIBE! As Bonnie describes it, it’s “a community for hand-making, home-growing birds of a feather!”

For just $5 a month you get loads of exclusive premium content, including:

  • adobe illustrator tutorial
  • a fully photographed recipe
  • 2 seamless repeating patterns
  • graphics to improve their blog posts
  • a printable greeting card
  • desktop background
  • coupons + discounts
  • + much more!

As I mentioned, I got a sneak peek into the tribe, and can verify that what’s offered for September is full of Bonnie’s great taste in graphic design and useful content. Not to mention, the ebooks that come along with your membership are definitely worth the price of admission alone! Bonnie’s ebooks on How to Pitch to Bloggers, Grow Your Blog, and her list of industry resources and supplies are easily worth the $5!

Want more info? Check out the roost tribe FAQ or click here to sign up now!

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