What I Wore: Hepburn Jumpsuit

What I Wore: Trashy Diva Hepburn Jumpsuit

What I Wore: Trashy Diva Hepburn Jumpsuit

What I Wore: Trashy Diva Hepburn Jumpsuit

Outfit details:
earrings – abiqutie
jumpsuit – Hepburn Jumpsuit, by Trashy Diva
belt – Obi Belt in tribal print, by Trashy Diva
shoes – Swedish Hasbeens

Um… so if you follow me on social media at all (Facebook, Instagram, etc), you’ve probably already seen the first pic. Sandy from Trashy Diva took it the other day when I wore this outfit to work, and it got shared on the official Trashy Diva Facebook page the other day. And I’m sort of obsessed with the ridiculousness of it. (Also, with the fact that the background wall inexplicably matches my outfit, even though we were really just trying to find a spot that didn’t have a crazy sun-glare since it was right at 6pm when we took this pic.)

Speaking of following on social media – apparently I’m late in the game to this, BUT Google Reader is shutting down their service in a few weeks, on July 1, 2013. So if you subscribe to my blog, and want to keep getting updates, you’ll have to make sure you do so on a different service. I’m really late in the game to this too (because I was one of those that was using Google Reader most of the time), but since I heard that announcement, I’ve switched most of my blog subscribin’ to Bloglovin. Want to follow me on there? Click here!

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  • I love the way your hair looks with this outfit! Also, those shoes are FANTASTIC. xo

    • Miss Malaprop

      Thank you SO MUCH!!! (I realized that size view of my hair here is pretty awesome!! The perfect swoop!)

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