Steampunk Outfit Ideas

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A few years back, my boyfriend David and I got really into coming up with various steampunk outfit ideas. It’s a style that we both were unknowingly into for a long time before we knew it had a name. I first posted about steampunk style back in 2009, and that post has gotten a lot of love in the time since then. I’ve since written about steampunk fashion steampunk fashion as well.

David has recently been learning how to sew, and has become quite the masterful sewer in just a short amount of time. Part of his inspiration for learning to sew so was that he could start making his own costumes, including steampunk outfits. It can be hard to find good-quality steampunk stuff that isn’t super expensive. Plus, my boy is just plain picky. Two of his first sewing projects were steampunk inspired, including a vest that he can wear a pocket watch with:

David wore this steampunk inspired outfit for Easter

He also made himself a casual button-down shirt featuring a steampunky fabric:

David's steampunk shirt

Want more inspiration? YOU SHOULD COME TO DRAGON*CON! Seriously, it’s awesome, and I always see a ton of great steampunk inspired outfits there. (Not to mention the epic vendors room, with loads of cool steampunk gear to choose from.) You could check out my pics from the last couple years, 2011 and 2012, if you need convincing.

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