Hi! I’m Mallory Whitfield! I live in New Orleans, and I’ve worn a lot of hats over the years, including:

As a lifelong learner, I am passionate about creativity, innovation, education and critical thinking skills. I believe in cultivating diversity, in all its forms. I believe that one person can make a difference and that everyone can be that person.

I want to change the world. Join me?

Hi! My name is Mallory Whitfield, but you can call me Miss Malaprop! (Photo credit: Jen Karpowicz)

Hi! My name is Mallory Whitfield, but you can call me Miss Malaprop! (Photo credit: Jen Karpowicz)



I’ve been making things and dreaming big for as long as I can remember.

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and learners. Growing up, my parents and grand-parents owned their own businesses. I remember the stories of how my grand-father taught himself trigonometry and calculus from books, and the value of self-education has always stuck with me.

I was always an over-achiever, getting top marks in school and reading everything I could get my hands on in my spare time. I was Internet-addicted by my tween years, at a time when the Internet was just getting started. I dropped out of high school halfway through my junior year, started college early, and graduated Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts in history in 2004. (I was three production credits short of a theatre minor.) And yet, the most valuable knowledge I have didn’t come from traditional means but from books, friendtors (friends + mentors), online courses and the handiest self-education tool of all: Google.

In 2004 I started my first business and dipped my toes in the craft show scene, selling my handmade clothing and accessories. Later, as my dreams turned to owning a retail store dedicated to handmade and eco-friendly goods, I stepped up my game, selling my work alongside that of other talented artists at craft shows, festivals and local events of my own making around New Orleans and beyond. I even wrote a book about how to make money at craft shows from what I learned during 10+ years of selling at craft shows.

In 2006, I started blogging here at MissMalaprop.com, though my earliest memories of blogging are on LiveJournal starting in 2001. (Cool fact: my boyfriend David and I met on LiveJournal way back in the day!) Through trial and error, and a whole lot of Google searches, I taught myself all I could about blogging, HTML, WordPress, social media marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, and so much more.

One day, I realized I’d taught myself enough to land a job in the field, which is how I wound up working for one of the leading digital marketing agencies in New Orleans, FSC Interactive.

After a lot of soul-searching, I realized that my old dream of owning a retail store was no longer in the cards for me, but I couldn’t shake that entrepreneurial spirit.

I love helping small businesses grow and inspiring #BadassCreatives to dream and do bigger.

Cool stuff I’ve done…

  • In 2016, I was honored to be included in the 19th class of Gambit’s 40 Under 40, which salutes the brightest innovators, artists and professionals in New Orleans. I was also nominated for the Ada Lovelace Woman of the Year in GNO Tech awards, which recognize women for their outstanding contributions to the New Orleans tech community.
  • I’ve spoken at a number of events, including iRetreat Conference, Rising Tide Conference, the Louisiana Small Business Development Center’s Marketing Boot Camp and New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.
  • I was one of the founding members of the New Orleans Craft Mafia, a collective of indie craft artists created in 2005. I’ve organized and promoted group events, including our long-running Last Stop Shop holiday art market.
  • I’ve been jamming out with the best bunch of weirdos in the world since 2006 as part of Noisician Coalition, and have had the pleasure and privilege to perform at Voodoo Experience and march with the Krewe of Muses and the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus during Mardi Gras.
  • I won 3rd place in Etsy’s nationwide Upcycling Contest in 2007 for an outfit I made using FEMA blue tarp.
  • I created Tech School, a second stage of hands-on, how-to panels at the Rising Tide Conference in 2011 here in New Orleans.
  • In addition to writing for my own sites, I’ve written for a variety of publications and other websites, including Antigravity MagazineGoNOLA.com, Creative Income and Caitlin Bacher.
  • I’ve been featured in a few books, including The Green Crafts Lifestyle and Fashion Unraveled – How to Start and Manage Your Own Fashion (or Craft) Design Business.
  • In 2014, I graduated from the New Orleans Drag Workshop; you can occasionally find me performing around New Orleans as my alter ego, Glamdromeda Strange.
  • In 2015, I was named one of 5 Local Instagrammers To Follow by Gambit Weekly, and I was part of the team organizing VenturePOP, the first conference for creative entrepreneurs here in New Orleans.
  • I’m also a member of the Bast Alpha Garrison of the 501st Legion, an international fan-based organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate Star Wars costumes.

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