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selling at an arts & crafts fair

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I’ve been selling at various arts & crafts shows since 2004. So I’ve learned a lot along the way about where to find good craft shows. Want to read all of my advice on where to find a good arts & crafts fair? Click here! That particular post that I wrote back in 2011 has been very popular, and I’m so glad!

I love sharing my hard-earned craft fair tips & tricks that I’ve figured out over the years, so that my fellow artists and makers don’t have to learn the hard way. My post on tips & tricks for selling at craft shows has also been pretty popular, as has my more recent post on how to create a great craft show display.

I’ve posted some advice on using local events to promote your business here before, and I’ve also shared my tips for hosting a successful handmade craft shopping party. Another popular posts that crafters love is the guest post by Timothy Adam from 2009 on 3 Fixes for the Low Views on Etsy.

I’ve got a big-ole resource page full of links for crafty business people here. Plus, in my page on how to make a living as an artist or crafter I pretty much brain-dumped everything I could think of!

Have you ever sold at an arts & crafts fair? Do you have any advice to share?

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