Blog Action Day Carnival

So… I’m a little late in posting for Blog Action Day, but it’s still the 15th, and better late than never! (Work and errands and life get in the way of blogging sometimes, you know.) The theme this year is to raise consciousness of some of the environmental issues affecting all of us, and bloggers from all over the world have been getting in on the act.

One of my errands earlier this evening was a stop at Whole Foods, and I celebrated Blog Action Day by finally picking up some Preserve recycled plastic toothbrushes to try. (You can also order them online, as well as send in your old ones for recycling, but I wanted to try one out before ordering online.) Once I got home I made sure that everything was together for our twice-monthly recycling pickup tomorrow. Unfortunately New Orleans still doesn’t have a citywide curbside recycling program running again, but that’s where Phoenix Recycling comes in.

Some of my fellow Etsy Bloggers were posting on green topics in honor of Blog Action Day as well. Karen from faded willow made a post called “i heart the earth” about eco-friendly products, many found on Etsy. Tellie from sixthandelm proclaimed her love of recycling in a post entitled “You’re not going to throw that out, are you?” And Christine of Eye Pop Art wrote a post about all of the ways that she and her family try to live a greener lifestyle. Just check out these cool handpainted bowls that Christine makes from recycled records:

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