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Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact me!

Email me: hello @ missmalaprop DOT com

Due to a large volume of daily email submissions, I may not be able to respond to every request. I certainly do try though, and I definitely read every email that comes my way!

PLEASE do not add me to your mailing list unless I explicitly sign up for it. I would NOT do it to you, so please don’t do it to me!



Do you accept guest posts?
While I do sometimes accept guest posts on topics that are relevant to my readers, I prefer to only accept posts from people who already write their own blogs on subjects similar to mine. If you want to pitch a guest post idea to me, please include a link to your blog or previous writing examples in addition to a detailed description of what you’d like to write about. (Please check out the lists below to see what is relevant here and what is not!)

Do you accept submissions from artists & designers?
Yes, of course! That said, I may not have a chance to respond to every submission that comes my way. To better your chances at a feature here on Miss Malaprop, please take a look at what I’ve posted previously. Does your line fit my aesthetic?

I do like to feature:

  • handmade fashion, jewelry, accessories
  • eco-friendly
  • indie designers
  • colorful
  • modern
  • New Orleans themed

I currently do NOT typically feature the following:

  • celebrity & runway fashion trends
  • events, unless they are in New Orleans
  • home decor & interior design
  • kids, baby, parenting
  • gadgets / technology
  • book reviews