Creepy Cool: Real Animal Specimens Preserved in Acrylic

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Real Bat in Acrylic Block

Real Octopus in Acrylic Block

Whether you’re into the creepy macabre, or you’re a fervent zoology nerd, we think you might be into these real animal specimens like a preserved bat or an octopus preserved in acrylic. We sure think they’re pretty cool!

They’re offered up by Skulls Unlimited, which is the world’s leading supplier of skeletal and osteological animal specimens. No worries about where these critters came from – they have a strong commitment to sourcing legally and ethically obtained real bone and skull specimens. Plus, they also offer reproduction specimens of stuff like Velociraptor dinosaur claws!!!

Whether you’re looking for a way to wow your students in your high school biology class, or just want a creepy-cool display for your living room that will start conversations when your friends come over, these guys offer up the best there is! Check out more of their awesome selection here.

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