Is DIY SEO right for you?

Watch the video below to see how this workshop can help you get more customers & sell more of your products!

Jordan B. Wade Studio Artist

“Whoah, DIY SEO was informative! My website is relatively new, but I'm always looking to tweak, improve, and generally make things better for all of you looking at my work. If the next two sessions with Mallory Whitfield are just as informative, get ready for some great changes (and I might need another notebook!)!”

Get more online traffic & sell more of your art!

Do you sell your handmade work online? Want to sell more? Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is the process of tweaking your online shop to help your potential customers find you more easily in search engines.

Join Mallory Whitfield aka Miss Malaprop for an introduction to e-commerce search engine optimization specifically designed for artists, makers and #BadassCreatives.

This easy to understand, self-paced online workshop will teach you the basics of getting more traffic for your products.

We’ll cover the basics of SEO for e-commerce sites, plus the differences in SEO for Etsy and Amazon. We’ll talk about basic on-page factors like page titles and meta descriptions, plus an introduction to keywords and how to find them.

You’ll also gain a basic understanding of the importance of link-building, digital PR and conversion optimization, aka the art of getting people to buy more of your stuff!

DIY SEO is an online workshop that will teach you the basics of getting more traffic and e-commerce sales for your handmade products!