Dragon*Con 2012 – Day 3

Possibly the most exciting day of Dragon*Con 2012 for us, Sunday morning was when we got to meet 2 huge celebrity icons: James Randi & Katee Sackhoff.

On the way to induct Katee Sackhoff into the 501st Legion as an Honorary Member, we saw one of David’s childhood icons: James Randi. He was incredibly nice, and we both have a lot of respect for what he’s done with his life, debunking myths of supernatural and paranormal phenomenon.

Me, waiting patiently to meet Katee Sackhoff!!!!

Lots of 501st Legion goodies for Katee!

Yay!!!!!!! Katee Sackhoff was SOOOOO excited about becoming an Honorary Member of the 501st Legion. And she was just as fun and bubbly and super nice as I could have possibly hoped.

Later in the day, while we were helping our friends in their booth in the dealers room (Sigh Co. Graphics and Arkham Bazaar!), David was acting as security guard and these two tiny Imperial citizens stopped by.

This Barbie costume was so intense, it required two handlers.

Inspector Spacetime!

You can see all 342 of my pics from Dragon*Con 2012 here. You can also check out my pictures from Dragon*Con 2011 here.

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