Eco-friendly and Handmade Menstrual Alternatives

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Yesterday I was delighted to have my eco-tip featured as part of’s month long Earth Day Celebration. Now through April 22, they’re featuring a new eco-friendly product each day on, and on their blog they’re posting a different daily tip from green bloggers. My tip was something I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned here before, because it can be a sensitive subject for some people, but it’s also something I feel very passionate about!

Reusable menstrual alternatives are a great way for women to make their bodies and the planet more healthy. Traditional drugstore brands of tampons and pads are packed with chemicals, and while reusables may take a little getting used to, many women (myself included!) find them much more comfortable than the mainstream products.

Reusable pads are available in many shapes and styles: Party in my Pants, Lunapads and GladRags are all established and well-respected brands. A quick search of the term “menstrual” at can bring you plenty varieties of handmade pads, or you can find instructions online to make your own if you’re the crafty type. (Here’s one of many step-by-step tutorials found online.)

For day to day use, I recommend keeping two small plastic sandwich bags or containers in your purse — one for clean pads and one for used pads. Just rinse when you get home and throw them in your regular wash.

Reusable cups like the DivaCup and the Keeper are made from latex rubber and medical grade silicone respectively, are the perfect alternative for girls who prefer tampons. Simply empty and rinse out the cups — you’ll never have to worry about being without a tampon again! Not only will you prevent more waste from going into the landfill with these reusables, you’ll save money over the long-run and keep your body safe from nasty chemicals!

I know this is sort of a weird topic, but these alternatives are SO much healthier for both you and the planet. If you have any questions about the practicalities and their use, feel free to ask! Also, my personal favorite brand of reusable menstrual pads, Party in my Pants, has a really helpful FAQ on their site.

Need more inspiration to make the change? Check out this post from GladRags on 5 Ways Cloth Menstrual Pads Will Change Your Life!

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