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Creative and Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

I’m sure you’ve been invited to one or two of those office get togethers or holiday parties over the years. You know the ones – where you play “Dirty Santa” or the white elephant game and exchange ridiculous gifts that end up making everyone laugh but that, for the most part, no one wants to take home.

Want to be the hit of your next novelty gift exchange party? Here are my picks for some of the best funny white elephant gift ideas that are sure to please!

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Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas

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All-Time Favorites

Cards Against Humanity is the most totally inappropriate, and amazingly fun party game on the face of the planet. Which makes it one of the absolute best white elephant gifts around. (And one you’ll probably fight to keep for yourself. Or try to convince everyone to play after the gift swap is done.)

This "Asshole Repellent” is, quite possibly, the ultimate ridiculous gag gift, especially for company office parties. Sure, I doubt it’s going to ACTUALLY keep the jerkwads away from your desk, but it sure might lighten the mood around the office when you whip this can out and give a few quick spritzes.

Who doesn’t love roasting a bunch of delicious s’mores around the campfire? This fun and affordable microwavable s’mores maker lets you make ’em, easy-peasy style, at home. It might not garner any laughs, but it probably WILL be one of those Dirty Santa gifts that everyone is fighting over because they actually WANT to take it home!

You’ve probably seen these creepy horse head masks around. After all, there’s an entire Internet meme centered around them. Which makes them a great weird gift to creep all of your friends out with.

A holiday classic, everyone loves the weird leg lamp from the movie, A Christmas Story. Bring on the smiles with this A Christmas Story Nightlight, which is a perfect size and price for a gift exchange.

So this canned unicorn meat is in no way edible or delicious (really, it’s just a stuffed, dismembered toy unicorn in a can), but it WOULD make a hilarious white elephant gift that is sure to get some laughs at your next office Christmas party!

Beer Lovers & Winos

Everyone knows about wine charms – they come in handy at parties (like a Dirty Santa party!) and let you mark your glass so you don’t mix up your drink with someone else’s. Enter the BeerMo – a fancy schmancy mustache shaped charm to slip over the lip of your favorite frostie beverage, whether it be a beer bottle or some girly wine cooler. They make a practical yet silly white elephant gift. 

Gag gift for your favorite wino cougar friend? Check out this Sir Perky Wine Corkscrew, that looks like a very, uh, excited little man ready to open your bottle of Pinot Grigio! There’s also a Sir Perky Bottle Opener and a Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Stopper for the perfect trifecta of drunken gag gifts.

A funny gift for the ultimate wino in your life… this wine bottle glass holds a full bottom of wine, and you can drink straight from the bottle! Pair it with a cheap bottle of Chardonnay for the perfect Dirty Santa surprise!

Weird Stuff for Foodies

You probably have to be born in Britain to want to eat spotted dick sponge pudding. Because with a name like that, it just sounds soooo delicious. BUT, you have to admit that something this strange would make an excellent funny gift to pass around! That said, maybe after the laughter dies down, you can all indulge in some of this dried currant pudding, perhaps while enjoying a spot of tea?

Really, who doesn’t want to smell like pizza? To be fair, DEMETER makes a wide array of weird scents that mimic everyday smells. Some are delicious smelling, like baby powder or vanilla cake batter, but pizza perfume?!? Sounds like a perfectly wacky white elephant gift idea to me!

I mean… who doesn’t love bacon? (Vegans, obviously.) That said, I’m not sure if I know ANYONE who loves bacon enough to brush their teeth with it. But maybe you do? Either way, bacon flavored toothpaste makes for a pretty hilarious gag gift!

Funny Cookbooks

I feel like this road kill cookbook belongs to the Dirty Santa gift exchange hall of fame. It’s the perfect gift for this kind of event – after all, it’s the kind of thing no one really buys for themselves, but everyone loves to share the pleasure of browsing what’s inside, like cars slowing down to ogle a wreck. It’s human nature to want to gross ourselves out, right?

That said, Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook and Cookin' with Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price are cookbooks with funny names that actually appear to be useful. At least according to the reviews on Amazon, they seem to have legitimately tasty recipes.

Bathroom Humor

Emojis!! Who doesn't love them?!? One of the all-time best emojis is, of course, the poop emoji! Lucky for you and everyone else at your Dirty Santa party, there's now a poop emoji pillow, perfect for gift-giving!

At least the Polaroid camera themed toilet tissue holder is a somewhat practical gift idea, but still utterly ridiculous at the same time! 

This portable toilet also has its practical uses – after all, it’s made for outdoor activities such as hunting and camping. But just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t be a funny gift! For bonus white elephant party points: wrap up this big 5-gallon bucket in a big box, but hide a bottle of booze inside, to keep things interesting at the party!

Celebrities We Love To Laugh At

When you think of celebrities everyone loves to laugh at (rather than with) who comes to mind more than everyone’s favorite Baywatch hunk and German pop music star, David Hasselhoff? Seriously, if unwrapping this collection of the Hoff’s greatest musical hits doesn’t get a few chuckles or nervous laughs, I don’t know what will.

So… I’m sure this Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush was created with the best of intentions. I’m sure that many pre-pubescent girls actually use it to brush their teeth and that somehow The Bieb’s sweet, melodic voice encourages those kids to brush a little longer. That doesn’t mean that this still doesn’t make a hilarious white elephant gift.

Clearly what your next Dirty Santa party needs to liven it up is this rainbow colored pillowcase depicting Nicolas Cage. I mean… this thing is a National Treasure. You’ll want to make sure it doesn’t get Left Behind at the party. (See what I did there?) I don't know if I'm more afraid of the fact that people are creating this stuff or that someone is purchasing it. 

Crazy Cat People Gifts

Is your office all about their funny cat memes? Clearly this Space Cats Funny Kitchen Towel would make a hilarious Dirty Santa gift for your holiday party. Better yet, create your own weird cat memes with the DIY book, Crafting with Cat Hair.

In need of a purr-fect scratching post? Let your kitty rock out on this Cat DJ Scratching Deck. And endless array of funny cat pictures will ensue.

Funny Gifts to Wear

This faux “sweater” is just what the doctor ordered for those ubiquitous hipster holiday parties where vintage ugly Christmas sweaters are de rigueur. New Orleans based Skip N’ Whistle offers up a whole line of “Ugly Christmas Sweater” inspired tees and sweatshirts, but I gotta say... this dinosaur version is my fave of the bunch!

If there is one thing hipsters love, it’s facial hair. Beards, mustaches, sideburns, you name it… But what if you’re that guy who can’t quite grow a full beard? Or maybe you’re a girl and testosterone-ly challenged? Or maybe you just need an utterly ridiculous gag gift? Never fear: the Original Beard Hat is here! This knitted beanie hat comes ready to keep your whole face warm with a detachable, foldaway beard! You can even get the beard part to match your natural hair color. It’s available in blond, brown, ginger, or black beards.

A beloved favorite of ironic hipsters everywhere, the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your holiday parties. Not a fan of wolves? Don’t worry, because you could always opt for a similarly ridiculous tee featuring a unicorn, kitty cats, a dinosaur or even “Ugly Christmas Sweater” inspired tees and sweatshirts instead.

Zombie Gifts for Weirdos

A perennial favorite, anything zombie-related is always sure to be a big hit at parties. And this zombie ammo can is actually functional – YES, you can store gun ammunition in it and everything! Or you could use it to pack your lunch, or even as a travel case for toiletries and cosmetics. The perfect compartment for zombie hunters on the go!

While the ammo can may be somewhat practical, if you want to go for some TRULY weird stuff instead, check out this ​Zombie Garden Gnome. Better yet… if your white elephant gift exchange is part of an office party, try this Creepy Headless Family Portrait Mousepad on for size. I mean… I hope no one wants to use this thing as part of their office decor, day in and day out, but you know… different strokes for different folks?

Splurge-Worthy Funny Gifts

This ex-boyfriend 5-piece knife set also serves as a great divorce party gift. Or maybe a really tongue-in-cheek bachelorette party gift? Even though the design is silly, it’s actually a pretty useful gift, all things considered, and the set comes with a 25-year warranty. How’s that for a long-term relationship?

This boyfriend body pillow serves as a warm arm around your shoulder, at bed time, or during a plane ride. (You can imagine all of the weirded out glances from fellow passengers already, can’t you?) This bizarre pillow also makes a funny gift idea for a holiday Santa gift exchange!

What about this adorable (yet slightly demented!) teddy bear lamp? He’d look kind of sweet on a bedside table, but he’s kind of creepy at the same time. You can bet there won’t be another one like him at the office gift swap!

More Great Gift Ideas...

I hope this list has inspired you with some funny gift ideas for your next Dirty Santa gift exchange or white elephant office party!!

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