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one sydney road: Paris Pop-up Shop

I’ve had a long-time girl crush on Piper of one sydney road. When I first discovered her blog, I felt like I had found a kindred spirit. She’s a fellow online shop-keeper and blogger, planning for the day when she can expand to a brick & mortar boutique, just like me! So when I learned about her newest endeavor, a series of online “pop-up shops”, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more! I chatted with Piper to find out what her latest project is all about!

Tell us a little about your new pop-up shop. What exactly is it, and what sorts of activities do you have planned to go along with it?
I would love to – especially since I’m incredibly excited about this new adventure my business, one sydney road, is on!! When I first started, I was an online retail boutique. But over that first year, I realized I loved working with & answering questions from artists & thinking of creative ways to promote them. I did a holiday event called “60 days of wanderlust” where we “traveled” around the world, meeting all the artists I was carrying at the time. I had so much fun with it that a lightbulb went off (you’ve got to love those “a-ha!” moments!).

I decided to embrace my love of design, artists & travel and combine it into bi-monthly online pop-up shops that are based around a city theme!! I’m having so much fun with this first pop-up shop! We’re “traveling” to Paris – so each product has a bit of a French vibe to it. I’m pairing each item in the pop-up shop with a photo from Paris – so we all get to feel like we’re seeing Paris (I’ve never been – definitely living vicariously through the shop!). My good friend Lillian provided the amazing Paris photos.

one sydney road: Paris Pop-up Shop

We’ve got daily french lessons and twice a week a “meet the pop-up shopkeep” where I interview the artists involved in the shop. Plus, people have been submitting their own Paris stories for me to share – it’s amazing to me how many people have been to Paris!

It’s been a dream getting to work with so many amazing artists!! Coming soon will be classes & workshops for creative & aspiring business owners – really excited for that!!

Why Paris for the theme of your first pop-up shop? Can you give us any hints about future pop-up shops?
Great question – I kept thinking springtime in Paris would make for a great theme. Plus, I had these awesome “madame & monsieur” wine glasses that I found at a flea market that I thought would be perfect for the shop! So the Paris shop was born! The next pop-up shop starts 7/2 and I’ll give you a hint…think of cotton candy :)

one sydney road: Paris Pop-up Shop

What are your favorite pieces currently in your shop?
Oh that’s always a tough one to answer – that’s why I picked all these pieces – I love ‘em all! But I do have to say that I’m absolutely in love with Small Gunns and their designs. I love their use of typography & cool graphics. Modern Pixie designed a necklace exclusively for this shop – it’s gorgeous & has a vintage-y, flea market vibe!  Okay, I could go on & on listing all the artists!

Tell us a little about yourself – what do you do when you’re not working on your shop?
Usually spending time with my husband and our 2 dogs!  Or hanging out with friends.  We do a lot of road trips since so many of our friends now live in different cities.  Just gives us an excuse to travel!

One Sydney Road: Paris Pop-up Shop

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring shop owners, what would it be?
Take action! It’s amazing how once you take a small step and actually do something, you’ll take the next step and so on. As soon as you stop, the momentum dies. I know, I’ve been there!! It’s so crazy how just taking a step, any step, helps you break through. I have lots of people that ask how I worked full time and started my business. And I’ll be honest and say that it took a lot of work and long hours!! But if you can keep telling yourself that you’re working towards your dream, something bigger for yourself, it helps get you through those tired nights! And trust me, it’ll be worth it!

Be sure to check out all of the Paris pop-up shop while it lasts, now through June 30th! Head on over to one sydney road to learn more!

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  • Mallory, thanks so much for having me on this series!! I’m so glad we “met” via blogging – we definitely are kindred spirits!! xoxo

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      Oh Piper, I’m so glad we met too!!

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