Hot in Arkansas


my mom & my great-aunt Lucille, who we drove to Hot Springs, Arkansas to see!

I went on a roadtrip last week with my mom to visit family in Arkansas. I thought it was hot in NOLA – somehow it managed to be even hotter there! It was nice to see family, and ESPECIALLY nice to have a few days with my mom. The road trip there was interesting, we got to drive through Transylvania, Louisiana:

I’d love to see a creepy child-zombie movie set at this abandoned elementary school…

There was also a theme of religious coffee shops in rural Louisiana:

Jehovah Java, Lake Providence, Louisiana

Then we made it to Hot Springs to visit my great-aunt Lucille. We did a little sight-seeing in downtown historic Hot Springs before lunch:

We discovered a cute little vintage shop, Stella Mae’s Aristocrat, where I picked up a couple of pieces of vintage jewelry:

All in all, a nice trip, but I’m glad to be home!

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