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Natural Hair Dye Alternatives

Natural Hair Dyes

I’ve chosen to go au naturale with my early-onset grey hair, but I know that many people don’t feel comfortable letting their grey hair shine through. Or maybe they just like to change things up now and then with different hair color. Which is fine but… what about all of those nasty chemicals found in traditional hair coloring products?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and what you put on it gets absorbed. So all of that hair product you put up top… well that stuff finds its way inside of you. So what to do if you just can’t stop coloring your hair just yet? Look for natural hair dye alternatives instead, or ones with lower amounts of chemicals than mainstream brands.

Yahoo! Shine used to have a great article about this very topic. They wrote, “eco-marketed niche lines like European imports Naturtint, Herbatint and Sanotint point to the fact that unlike other mass-marketed brands, “natural” hair dyes typically don’t contain ammonia, parabens, sulfates, and 1,4-Dioxane, among other known cancer-causing chemicals.” Naturtint, for one, is easily available to US shoppers thorough Amazon.com.

EcoColors Natural Hair Care

Another line mentioned in that article is EcoColors, an American-made, professional quality, natural soy base, permanent, non-toxic hair color line. EcoColors promises to provide 100% gray coverage without all of the toxic chemicals! Again, you can easily find this one on Amazon, so there is no excuse for filling your brain with nasty toxins!

One of the reason I made the switch and stopped dying my hair is all of the chemicals involved. I know I can’t eliminate all scary chemicals entirely from my life, but I can certainly try to limit them! Check out the Skin Deep database for a break down of the safest hair color options.

Of course, you could always go old school and just use henna hair color

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