Selling at Craft Shows: Tips & Tricks

How to Make Money at Craft Shows - Art Market and Craft Fair Tips & Tricks - PDF ebook, instant download

This past weekend was my 3rd year in a row at Festival of the Lake. I had a realization as I was setting up my booth, which is that I’ve learned a lot about selling at craft shows over the past few years. I thought some of my hard-earned craft show tips might be useful to others too! I’ve put together an e-book, called How to Make Money at Craft Shows, which is full of information, perfect for anyone who is interested in getting started selling at craft shows and art markets!

What this 55 page e-book includes:

– how to define your target market
– where to find good shows to sell at
– how much should I spend on a booth fee at a show?
– how to make your booth look great
– promoting your show & getting your customers there
– my craft show tips & tricks
– dealing with crazy weather & unexpected events
– theft prevention
– craft show supply checklist
– how to give great customer service
– how to use craft shows to create after-the-show sales
– alternative venues to sell your work, beyond traditional craft shows
– how to create your own events to sell at
– tracking your inventory
– how to create a personal & business spending plan
– big hunkin’ list of craft show resources

Who this book is for:

– This book will be most useful for someone new to selling at craft shows. I do cover more advanced topics as well though, including how to define your target market, visual merchandising, inventory tracking, and creating a business spending plan. The book includes worksheets along the way to help you.

– The information in this book is based on my experiences, selling in the United States, mostly in Louisiana. However, most of the information contained here is useful to anyone around the world who is interested in setting up a booth at craft shows, festivals or conventions.

Why I know what I’m talking about:

I did my first craft show in 2004. It was the Alternative Media Expo, put on by Antigravity Magazine here in New Orleans. I sold a few things, and learned a LOT of things. And I haven’t looked back!

I’ve done all sorts of events since then. I sell regularly at the Frenchmen Art Market, and have done festivals around the New Orleans area including Bayou Boogaloo, Gretna Heritage Festival, Freret Market, New Orleans Earth Day Festival, and many, many more.

As one of the founding members of the New Orleans Craft Mafia, I’ve even organized a variety of events, both with the group and on my own. As a group, we’ve done the monthly Crescent City Craft Market and the annual Last Stop Shop holiday market. On my own, I’ve also hosted home shopping parties, trunk shows and pop-up shops.

In 2007, as one of the winners of Etsy’s Upcycling contest, I even traveled cross-country to San Francisco to participate in Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire! You can read more about that in a post I wrote for the Etsy blog: Cross-country Craft Fair: Lessons Learned

Where you can get it:

My e-book is available for instant download on Etsy for just $9! Click here to buy it now.


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  • I bought the same chair this summer! I love it! Great, great tips! After so long I think we’ve done it just about every wrong way there is to get to our own systems!

    • Miss Malaprop

      Thanks! I agree – it takes awhile of doing things wrong or ineffectively to figure out a good system! And of course, everyone’s system is different!

  • I need that chair. and I hate my dolly. How many trips can one person possibly do? All fabulous tips, thanks! I’ve got 4 big shows coming up….

  • The freezer packs are so useful and practical!! I use them so much, especially to the beach!!

    • Miss Malaprop

      I love them, they last so much longer than regular ice!

  • Missy

    I think these are great tips too… I have a little suggestion to add to your already marvelous tips! I use frozen water bottles instead of the ice packs so as the ice melts, I can drink it. I also do this when I go fishing and to the beach…. :) Thanks again for the other tips too! Great!

    • Miss Malaprop

      I do that sometimes too as well! Occasionally I’ll freeze bottles of Vitamin Water too!

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