10 More Halloween Costume Ideas from DragonCon

10 More Halloween Costume Ideas

Zombie Mr Rogers costume

So far this month, I’ve brought you some fun group costume ideas as well as costumes inspired by Doctor Who. Every year, we see so many brilliant costumes at Dragon*con, like the awesome zombie Mr. Rogers seen above!

Still on the quest for Halloween costume inspiration? Here are more of my Dragon*con costume favorites that work great as Halloween costume ideas!

Stuffed animal dress

I made a stuffed animal dress for Mardi Gras 2011, and wore it later that year to Dragon*con as well, but I’ll be the first to admit – she far outdid my job on her epic stuffed animal dress!

Tank Girl costume

Always a fun costume to wear: Tank Girl!

Battlestar Galactica Alter

David and I are both big Battlestar Galactica fans, so of course I loved this witty take on an alter to Gaius Baltar!

Drag Barbie

This costume required two handlers! Apparently it was an interpretation of a futuristic Barbie doll? Whatever the original reference, it was all sorts of awesome!

flying spagetti monster costume

I LOVED this Flying Spagetti Monster costume. It would be really easy to make this at home with a bunch of yarn or fabric strips.

Inspector Gadget costume

Go go Inspector Gadget costume!

Mars Attacks costume

I love this Mars Attacks! costume.

KISS & Elvis costumes

Two classic costumes are better than one. KISS meets Elvis Presley!

IT Crowd Moss costume

I was so excited to see this Moss costume from The IT Crowd!!

For more ideas for fun Halloween costumes, be sure to check out my costuming board on Pinterest, as well as my Retro Costume Ideas board and my Group Costume Ideas board!

Have you decided what you’re wearing this Halloween yet?

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