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Hi! I’m Mallory Whitfield!

I am currently developing my book and signature keynote performance Towards Together: a vision for a kinder, more inclusive world.

I empower businesses and individuals to rediscover their authentic voice, be more compassionate to themselves, and more inclusive of others. I do this through keynote performances, workshops, retreats, personalized marketing consultations, and via my podcast, Badass Creatives.

Mallory Whitfield, Photo by Sarah Deragon, Portraits to the People

Photo by Sarah Deragon, Portraits to the People

I’ve been making things and dreaming big for as long as I can remember.

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and learners. Growing up, my parents and grand-parents owned their own businesses. I remember the stories of how my grand-father taught himself trigonometry and calculus from books, and the value of self-education has always stuck with me.

I was always an over-achiever, getting top marks in school and reading everything I could get my hands on in my spare time. I was Internet-addicted by my tween years, at a time when the Internet was just getting started. I dropped out of high school halfway through my junior year, started college early, and graduated Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts in history in 2004. (I was three production credits short of a theatre minor.) And yet, the most valuable knowledge I have didn’t come from traditional means but from books, friendtors (friends + mentors), online courses and the handiest self-education tool of all: Google.

In 2004 I started my first business and dipped my toes in the craft show scene, selling my handmade clothing and accessories. Later, as my dreams turned to owning a retail store dedicated to handmade and eco-friendly goods, I stepped up my game, selling my work alongside that of other talented artists at craft shows, festivals and local events of my own making around New Orleans and beyond. I even wrote a book about how to make money at craft shows from what I learned during 10+ years of selling at craft shows.

In 2006, I started blogging here at MissMalaprop.com, though my earliest memories of blogging are on LiveJournal starting in 2001.  Through trial and error, and a whole lot of Google searches, I taught myself all I could about blogging, HTML, WordPress, social media marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, and so much more.

One day in early 2014, I realized I’d taught myself enough to land a job in digital marketing, which is how I wound up working for 3 and a half years for one of the leading marketing agencies in New Orleans, FSC Interactive. In August 2017, I embarked on a new role as Director of Marketing at LookFar, a New Orleans-based software development studio. In addition to my day job, I speak frequently on topics related to creativity, marketing, and personal branding. I’m also the producer, editor and host of the Badass Creatives podcast. If you believe that art, creativity, innovation, and kindness have the power to change the world, then this is the podcast for you.

Ever since I was little, all I’ve wanted to do is change the world. Join me?

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