I'll Be Liveblogging Alt Summit 2016!

I’ll Be Liveblogging Alt Summit 2016!

I’ll be attending Alt Summit for the first time this week. It’s an incredible conference for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, and I’ve been following the action from afar via Instagram for years, wishing I could be there.

I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty on Instagram and elsewhere, and you can bet there will be plenty of photos posted throughout the weekend (follow #AltSummit and #AltWinter2016), but what if you can’t make it and you want the REALLY juicy stuff? I mean, networking and meeting like-minded people is a huge reason why I’m going to this conference, but there is also plenty to be learned at the keynote talks, breakout sessions and roundtables as well.

While I can’t be at everything (obviously) I had a stroke o​f inspiration after reading this article last week. Thanks to the magic of Google Docs, I’m planning to liveblog my notes from Alt Summit 2016. Follow along on this page, down below!

Alt Summit 2016: Mallory Whitfield from MissMalaprop.com is liveblogging her first time at Alt Summit!

I’ll also be updating this page with any thoughts, feels and inspiration post-Alt as well, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back for all the details on my first time at Alt!

Are you planning to attend Alt Summit?

Want to contribute your own notes to this document? (With credit of course!) Reach out: mallory AT missmalaprop.com

I’ll take some time to compile everything after the conference is over and I’ll send them out as a PDF to members of my super awesome e-mail club.

Not able to make it but want to check out other conferences near you?

I just put together The Ultimate Guide to Conferences for Creatives in 2016. Check it out!

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Alt Summit 2016 – My Notes!

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