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#BadassCreatives: Hilary of The Cutie Life

Hilary of Cutie Cameras

And now… another installment of my series of interviews with fellow #BadassCreatives! This week I’m chatting it up with my dear friend Hilary of The Cutie LifeHilary and I met at Texas Style Council earlier this year. We bonded instantly over our experiences as faux drag queens and our Doctor Who geekery. Read on to learn more…

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Hilary and I write over at The Cutie Life!! I love sharing stories from my life, outfits, and anything I find cute or adorable. I live in Washington with my amazing hubby, Fletch, and our adorable dog, Lily. I love collecting cameras and capturing memories.

Cutie Cameras: Vintage Kodak cameras

Your blog is named Cutie Cameras, and I know you have a pretty epic vintage camera collection. How did you get into photography and collecting cameras? Are there any vintage cameras you’re still searching for to add to your collection?

I first got into photography when I discovered a cheap little 35mm camera at Value Village. I started snapping photos with the camera and fell in love with the look and feel of film. From there I started to buy more and more film cameras. I’ve always loved photography, took a few classes in high school, and have always carried a camera with me.

My vintage camera collection has grown pretty massively but there are always more that I’d like. I actually made a wish list a while back for it! So far I’ve only been able to mark off two cameras on my wish list; the Kodak Rainbow Hawkeye Vest Pocket in pink and purple and the Argus C3. Every little camera in my collection has a special place in my heart.

Kawaii Glitter Cat Faces Necklace by ThePinkSamurai

I know you love supporting Etsy shops and indie businesses. You recently announced a new blog series where you’ll feature your favorites. Care to give us a sneak peek? What are your favorite Etsy shops and independent designers of the moment?

I am so excited to share some of my favorite shops! I am calling my new feature Bantam Businesses. They are small but mighty! A few of my favorite shops right now are:

Hilary of Cutie Cameras

Do you have any goals for your blog? Where do you see it a year from now?

Oh goodness! Well, I would love to be able to earn a little money off of my blog without strictly doing sponsored posts. I love the freedom I have currently without sponsorships so I need to find a solution that would allow me to keep my blog’s voice as my own while also helping with the financial strain that I sometimes feel. Whether I can eventually make money off of Cutie Cameras or not, I would like to continue to grow my readership and connect with even more people because that is why I started in the first place. To connect with fellow human beings across the globe.

Hilary of Cutie Cameras

What 5 things would you take with you to a deserted island?

Way to save the hardest question for last!! All of the things I immediately think to say need power so, I guess I can’t choose my iPhone, laptop, iPod. Okay, here goes.

  1. A picture of me with Fletch and Lily.
  2. A book on surviving on a deserted island. There has to be one, right?
  3. A journal that has a pen included.
  4. “The Lord of the Ring” trilogy (in one giant book)
  5. A large tarp to provide shelter and potentially collect rain water.

Hilary totally deserves the name “Cutie,” am I right? I’m trying to convince her to start doing video posts – she’s even more precious in person!

Be sure to follow her blog Cutie Cameras for more adorable antics, and check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Hilary also heads up a Facebook group called Lovely Lady Bloggers, where fellow bloggers can connect and collaborate.

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