Unique Duvet Covers & Cool Bedding by DENY Designs

The Coolest, Most Unique Duvet Covers by DENY Designs

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a really funky, modern duvet cover when all you’re seeing at your local home decor store is plain, boring ones. Luckily, I’ve become a little obsessed with DENY Designs and their artist inspired duvet covers over the last few months.

They do more than just bedding (think cool throw pillows and gorgeous shower curtains), but these cool duvet covers are probably the biggest canvas they offer for their artists’ work:

 DENY Designs Sophia Buddenhagen Purple Octopus Duvet Cover

Sophia Buddenhagen Purple Octopus Duvet Cover

 DENY Designs Valentina Ramos Aaron Duvet Cover

Valentina Ramos Aaron Elephant Duvet Cover

DENY Designs Holly Sharpe Lost In Botanica 1 Duvet Cover

DENY Designs Holly Sharpe Lost In Botanica 1 Duvet Cover

 DENY Designs Mandy Hazell Gentleman Giraffe with Mustache Duvet Cover

Mandy Hazell Gentleman Giraffe Duvet Cover

 DENY Designs Bird Wanna Whistle Buddha Duvet Cover

Bird Wanna Whistle Buddha Duvet Cover

DENY Designs Valentina Ramos Green Garden Duvet Cover

DENY Designs Valentina Ramos Green Garden Duvet Cover


Who wants a boring bedspread when you can switch it out for a creative duvet cover and spruce up your bedroom? To many people, home decor is like fashion – it’s a personal expression of yourself! I know I get bored of the same old outfits and like to mix and match my clothing all the time. The great thing about these unique duvet covers is that they’re sort of like a versatile addition to your wardrobe – you can easily swap them out for a new one, not to mention washing them is much easier than with a traditional bedspread!

DENY Designs works with a talented roster of independent artists & designers from around the world to create artwork you can use! Even though some of their products are a bit pricey, when you look at them as art versus just a boring bedspread, it’s not too bad at all.

They’re based in Denver, Colorado, and they manage to offer a huge selection of cool duvet covers through their custom print-on-demand process. Each duvet cover gets printed after you order it – just for you! But instead of just using any old traditional dye process where the ink is printed directly on top of the fabric, DENY uses a unique method which uses the ink to actually dye the fabric fibers. Their printing process creates a high-quality end result which makes for fade-resistant duvet covers!

A few more of my favorite duvet cover designs:

DENY Designs Bianca Green Overdose Duvet Cover

I’m loving this colorful tribal print inspired DENY Designs Overdose Duvet Cover designed by artist Bianca Green.

DENY Designs Valentina Ramos Groveland Artistic Elephant Duvet Cover

Maybe you’re an animal lover who’s also a bit artsy too? (That fits me to a T!) I bet you’ll love this artistic elephant bedspread by artist Valentina Ramos as much as I do!

DENY Designs Sophia Buddenhagen Color Owl Duvet Cover

Another favorite animal theme has to be owls! This colorful owl duvet cover designed by Sophia Buddenhagen is a great choice. This Houston-based artist has created a lot of amazing pieces for DENY Designs, and she’s had some of her work shown at IKEA as well. The pops of color are sure to brighten up any room!

DENY Designs Wesley Bird Wander Duvet Cover

I also really love the sentiment behind this “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” bedding design, as well as the gorgeous graphic design itself!

DENY Designs Amy Smith Blue Skull with Bow Duvet Cover

The 15 year old me would have loved this one, but who am I kidding? It’s still pretty rockin! This cute Skull with Bow duvet cover features quirky and original artwork by artist Amy Smith, and it’s perfect for a rocker chick or goth girl!

What to fill it with:

It’s important to note that most of the duvet covers pictured here are sold separately from the pillowcases they’re seen with. It’s also key to remember that these are duvet covers, and you’ll need a duvet insert to get the look and feel of these complete bedroom sets shown in their photos. This affordable thin insert from IKEA has great reviews on Amazon, as does this duvet comforter insert from Utopia Bedding.

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Down with boring bedroom decor! Bring new life to your bedroom with these cool duvet covers from DENY Designs, designed by artists from around the world.

Find more cool duvet covers from DENY Designs:

You can find out more about the company and the artists they work with at their website, or shop their products via Amazon.com.

Whether it’s for a cute dorm room design, your teen’s bedroom or an adult boudoir, I hope you’ve found some bedroom decor inspiration here! Be sure to check out my Pinterest board to find more cool duvet cover ideas too!

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