Cool Tshirts for Geeks by Jordandené

#BadassCreatives: Cool Tshirts for Geeks by Jordandené

Jordan Dené Ellis

I don’t remember how exactly I first discovered Jordandené and Brooklyn-based designer Jordan Dené Ellis. It was probably via Instagram, where her geek-chic t-shirts are a big hit with plenty of my friends.

Jordan is a girl after my own heart. You know the kind… you’re more likely to find her at New York Comic Con than New York Fashion Week. (And that is perfectly a-ok!)

It wasn’t long before I connected with Jordan and partnered with her as a sponsor of my blog. After all, she represents the things that Miss Malaprop is about: embracing your weird and being a badass creative entrepreneur!

I recently chatted with Jordan to find out more about how Jordandené got its start and what’s next for her indie biz.

How did Jordandené get started? Have you always been into geeky things?

Jordandené got started as a much-needed creative outlet.

I had just moved to New York and was surrounded by amazing artists and designers while I was hanging out as a TriBeCa nanny. I started with just a few listings on Etsy and was thrilled when I finally got to turn in my two weeks notice to run Jordandené full time.

I’ve definitely always been a nerd. I read all of the Star Wars expanded universe books in third and fourth grade, and I went crazy with Pokémon cards when they came out.

Obviously not much has changed!

I know you try to keep your production process as eco-friendly as possible. Can you talk a little about what goes into making all of your products and why that’s important to you?

It’s really important to me that my business strive to leave everything we touch better than we found it.

I try to use the most minimal packaging possible and always try to use recycled or recyclable materials. We only print with water-based ink to cut out harsh chemicals.

Jordandene screen-printing

Let’s pretend I’m coming to visit you in Brooklyn for the day! Where would we go? What would we do?

If you came to visit, our first stop would be for coffee and ice cream at my favorite ‘50s soda fountain, Farmacy.

I’d give you a quick tour of my studio and show off our screen printing / sewing station.

Next I’d take you to my favorite local shop, Brooklyn Collective, so we could browse their adorable local artist collections.

If the weather cooperated, we could grab a drink at my neighborhood’s new outdoor beer garden because that’s definitely been my favorite place to hang out this year!

X-files tshirts by Jordandene

The latest t-shirts from Jordandené are inspired by cult classics like The X-Files, Star Wars, Captain America and Agent Carter. 

What advice would you give to other creative entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

My best advice for creative entrepreneurs is to find a group of likeminded business owners to be your support team.

You don’t have to be in the same field (it’s actually probably better if you aren’t), but these people will save you. You’ll be able to answer each other’s questions, bounce ideas off each other, and share new ideas and resources.

I didn’t realize how valuable this would be until three years into my business, and it’s the #1 thing I wish I had done differently.

What’s next for Jordandené? Any new products or designs in the works?

I’m really excited about two new collaborations I have coming up with fellow geeky business ladies.

Soon I’ll have bundled gift sets available with Espionage Cosmetics and The Geeky Hostess. We’ll have a hostess set with geek chic aprons and matching sprinkles as well as beauty sets with paired makeup kits and clothing.

Doctor Who Inspired Gift Ideas by Jordandene

Jordandené is a fellow Doctor Who fan! Discover more of my favorite gifts for Whovians here. 

Other than your website, where can people find your work?

I’m really happy to be selling in a few super cute stores around the country, which I have listed on my contact page.

See what I mean? Jordandené is a seriously awesome brand, full of cool tshirts and accessories for geeks. (‘Cause geeks rule!) Use coupon code MissMalaprop25 for 25% off your next order at!

A big thanks to Jordandené for sponsoring Miss Malaprop!

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