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Cool Gifts Ideas: Indie, Handmade, Unique

Finding cool gifts doesn't have to be hard. (Not when I'm around!)

I'm giving you the badass gift-giver hookup and showing you my favorite indie & handmade brands.

Read on for my favorite fun gift ideas, in no particular order.​

Cool Gift Ideas: Indie, Handmade & Unique Gifts. A gift guide for awesome people, brought to you by Miss Malaprop

Jordandené: home goods + apparel for the everyday geek

Jordandené started as a fun way to put a nerdy twist on traditional handmade goods. Our first product, the geek chic apron, makes all mundane household tasks a little more tolerable. Even the worst chores (dishes!) get better when you do them as Batman or R2D2, right?

Not wanting to be confined to the kitchen, we now make all kinds of subtly geeky products that stay true to our deepest nerdy selves, yet aren’t too extreme for everyday life. We focus on combining a few of our favorite things with good design and quality materials. No cheap plastic, comic sans, or boxy graphic tees here.

Use coupon code MissMalaprop25 for 25% off your next order at Jordandené!

Sweet Olive Soap Works: handmade in New Orleans

Sweet Olive Soap Works logo

Sweet Olive Soap Works is the Naturally New Orleans Soap Co. that celebrates local ingredients and themes designed to pamper and excite your precious skin. Owner Emily takes a lot of pride in using only the best ingredients, and working with local Louisiana farms and growers wherever possible!

Blended with luxurious oils, Sweet Olive Soap Works brings you the best of Louisiana grown and skin-loving ingredients. Every batch of olive oil based soap is handmade using the cold process method and then cured for one month because quality takes time to reach perfection.

Kurandza: empower a woman, change a life!


Kurandza is a purpose-driven fashion company that creates handcrafted jewelry and accessories with women in Mozambique. Their mission is to empower women, the majority of whom are HIV positive, through education and employment opportunities. In addition to receiving fair wages for their work, profits from sales go back to this community to fund development projects.

All pieces are made from capulana, a traditional cloth of Africa, that is closely linked to the culture of Mozambique. The name “Kurandza” is the word “to love” in Changana, the local language of their women in Mozambique.

aftcra: crafted by American hands

aftcra - crafted by American artists

aftcra is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell American handmade products. Their mission is to support local artists and artisans living in America by connecting them with handmade admirers across the globe.

aftcra was "Made in America" and founded in Milwaukee, WI. aftcra launched into beta in late-2012, and formally launched in mid-October 2013.

The name aftcra is an anagram for "a craft", the skill in making things by hand.

original art by Miss Malaprop

Oh hey! That’s me! I’ve been making things and dreaming big for as long as I can remember. I loved making collages as a kid and doing anything crafty. While doing theatre in high school, I got into sewing and making reconstructed and upcycled clothing.

Later, when I was doing craft shows regularly, I started making jewelry, using a mix of vintage findings and new colorful, fun materials. I love art and design in all its many forms. Embroidery, cross-stitch and doodling are things I love to do…

You can find some of my original illustrations and photographs on print-on-demand products in my Zazzle shop:

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