Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Cute Dorm Room Ideas

It’s that time of year again, the last weeks of summer before school starts again. And if you’re about to be a freshmen at college this coming fall, I feel your need for cute dorm room ideas! Believe me, I dreaded the thought of a clinical, sterile looking dorm room, but I didn’t want to cheese it up with crappy posters either. Don’t worry though, because I’ve got plenty of cool dorm design inspiration for you!

Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Cute Girly Stuff for Your Dorm Room

Clockwise from left:

Cute Hipster Red Fox Lamp
Keep Your Head Heels & Standards High Poster
Les Macarons Hand Towel
Personalized Girly Mustache Pillow

You’ll be doing a lot of studying at your dorm room desk, so you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of light. A fun desk lamp is a great way to add a little personality to your dorm room. I love this adorable fox lamp – he’s so cute!

It’s easy to get distracted during college and let all sorts of temptation lead you astray from what really matters. So this Keep Your Head Heels & Standards High Poster is a great reminder to stay true to yourself during the best years of your life!

Dorm room living means shared bathrooms. It can be easy to mix up and misplace your bathroom gear if it looks like everyone else’s but that’s not a problem with a quirky cute towel. This Les Macarons Hand Towel would be a fun addition!

Items personalized with your name can be a cute way to add some style to your room. I love this funky mustache print pillow that can be customized with your name!

Stickerbrand Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker

Removable Wall Decals

Instead of boring band posters, have you thought about removable wall decals for your dorm decor? Check the policies about wall decor with your university, as some have stricter rules than others, but as long as your decals are high quality and removable, like these from Stickerbrand, you should be good to go.

DENY Designs Bianca Green Mustache Mania Duvet Cover

Dress up your dorm room with artistic bedding

One of my all-time favorite home decor brands, DENY Designs, works with independent artists from around the world to create epically awesome print-to-order bedding and other home furnishings. Most of their duvet covers and bedspreads can be ordered in a variety of sizes, so they’re a great way to bring color or funky art into your dorm room. I personally love this Mustache Mania Duvet Cover featuring art by Bianca Green! (Looking for cool bedding for your dorm room? Check out my post featuring more artist inspired duvet covers, or follow my Pinterest board for more awesome duvet covers.)

DENY Designs Mandy Hazell Gentleman Giraffe Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are another fun & affordable way to brighten up any boring dorm room decor. I LOVE this silly Gentleman Giraffe with Mustache Throw Pillow, designed by artist Mandy Hazell.

Cute Dorm Room Ideas at Modcloth

Cute Dorm Stuff at Modcloth

One of my favorite places to peruse cute dorm ideas is at Modcloth – they’ve got a whole section of their site dedicated to downright adorable stuff for your dorm room or first apartment. Two of my favorite current dorm room pics from their site are the Round Here Photo Frame (so cute, and you’re gonna wanna see the faces of friends & family back home, I promise!), and the Make Your Case Shelf, crafted to look like an old metal cases from Dad’s garage!

Dorm Room Shower Essentials
While dressing up your dorm room to make it feel like home is an essential task, don’t forget about other stuff you’ll need for dorm living. Most dorms offer one big shared bath & shower space. So you’ll need stuff like a cute shower caddy to carry your bathroom needs to and from your dorm room, plus flip-flops (no foot fungus from shared showers!!!), and a cute bathrobe. (My personal pick? Dressing like Doctor Who’s Tardis when I head to the shower.)

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