Fashion Mingle: Connect, Collaborate & Create

#FashionMingle: Connect, Collaborate & Create

Fashion has always been an important part of self-expression for me. I grew up experimenting with outfits and wearing some pretty ridiculous ensembles along the way.

After coming back from a month of study abroad in London in 2004, I went through a period where I seriously thought about going back to school for fashion design. While that never happened, I DID spend quite a few years creating upcycled clothing designs and selling them around New Orleans. In 2013, I even had the chance to attend MAGIC Market Week in Las Vegas while working for Trashy Diva.

Whether you’re moving to a new city, just getting started with a new career or trying to expand your professional network, it can be hard to meet new people in your chosen profession. That’s where a new site called Fashion Mingle comes in.

Fashion Mingle: Illustrated by Mallory Whitfield,

Illustrated by me. Inspired by #FashionMingle.

Fashion Mingle promises to be sort of a LinkedIn for the fashion industry, connecting professionals across the board, including fashion designers, boutique owners, makeup artists, event producers, photographers, wholesale distributors, models and other fashion professionals in over 50 categories.

Fashion Mingle will officially launch in January 2016, but you can sign up for free before December 31, 2015.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Melissa Shea, the CEO and Co-Founder of Fashion Mingle, who shared with me more about what inspired this new community and what it’s all about.

What inspired you to develop Fashion Mingle?

I have a background in web development and internet marketing. I saw how fashion businesses were struggling with marketing and lacked the technical skills to effectively promote their business, so I wanted to develop simple online tools that would organize local fashion communities and maximize their marketing efforts.

How is Fashion Mingle different than other pre-existing online communities?

Fashion Mingle is designed to support the entire fashion eco-system, connecting professionals at every level in the industry so that they can connect, collaborate, and create with anyone, anywhere. Here is a list of tools we’ll be rolling out first, with more concepts in development.

Fashion Mingle co-founders Melissa Shea (left) and Beth Smith (right)

Can you explain a little more about who Fashion Mingle is built for? Will it be primarily focused on U.S. users or will this be an international site?

We’re launching 107 local fashion directories in every major metro area in the United States so that professionals will be organized by the city where they are most likely to do business. We will launch internationally in the future. Here is a list of our categories. Members will be allowed to list themselves in three categories in their local fashion directory.

It’s free to sign up before Dec. 31, 2015. What about after Fashion Mingle launches? How much will it cost, if anything, and what kinds of features will that price include?

We’re currently pre-approving applications for the private social network and fashion directory that will open in January 2016 to guarantee the users are working in the fashion industry. We have a number of online tools that we will be rolling out in 2016 that will be paid features.

Our goal is to keep the cost as low as possible to make joining an easy decision and create economic opportunities for all members of the fashion community.

Fashion Mingle You're Invited

Interested in joining Fashion Mingle?

Sign-up for free for before December 31, 2015. Everything officially launches in January.

Until then, you can also check out the following posts on their blog:

A big thanks to Fashion Mingle for sponsoring Miss Malaprop! I have been compensated for this post, however I only post things here that I genuinely like. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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