Funny Valentines Cards I Love

Funny Valentines Cards

Now that the holiday season is officially behind us, it’s time to start thinking ahead to the next one: Valentine’s Day! A day of love, sweetness, generosity, and sexytime. Or… a day of annoying public displays of affection, heartache and loneliness, depending on how you look at it.

Either way, it’s always easier to survive February 14th with a little dose of humor and silliness. That’s why I’ve collected my favorite funny Valentine’s cards. Whether you’re giving, receiving or boycotting V-day this year, hopefully these cards will give you a chuckle!

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Vintage Fried Eggs Valentine's Day Greeting Card

Vintage Fried Eggs Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

I love the retro imagery of vintage cards, and this one, featuring two eggs in a frying pan, makes for a great laugh! It reads: “Maybe I’m just ‘small fry’, but I’m a ‘good egg’ with a ‘heart of gold’. Be my Valentine!” Awww… so sweet and yet appropriately weird all at the same time! You can get it here on Zazzle.

Geek Nerd Science I Love You

Geek Nerd Science I Love You Postcard

Is your sweetheart a science nerd? Then I’ve got the perfect romantic card for you! Spell out your love with the periodic table of elements, on this geeky card!

Science Geek Chemical Structure of Love Valentines Card

Science Geek Chemical Structure of Love Valentines Card

Alternatively, you could go for another way to spell your love, with this geeky card.

Funny Valentines Day Cards, Stud Muffin

Funny Valentines Day Cards, Stud Muffin Greeting Card

Is your man a hunk? Or maybe he’s just got a little extra cushion for the pushin’, complete with a muffin top. Either way, this Stud Muffin card would be wildly appropriate.

I Naturally Select You To Be My Valentine - Darwin

I Naturally Select You To Be My Valentine – Charles Darwin Valentines Day Card

Another great geeky option, perfect for science teachers and free-thinkers alike, do like Charles Darwin this Valentine’s Day, and naturally select your partner for his or her evolutionary prowess. Get the card here.

Funny Valentine's Day Card. Sexy. Naughty.

What I Love” Funny. Sexy. Naughty. Anniversary Card

Flytrap is one of my favorite indie companies specializing in downright hilarious greeting cards and stationery. This “What I Love About You” card is no exception. Check off your favorites before giving it to your sweetie.

Vintage Cupcake And Teacup Valentine's Day Card

Cute Vintage Cupcake And Teacup Valentine’s Day Card

Another sweet and silly vintage inspired greeting card, I love this “You’re my cup of tea” romantic card! So cute!

Keep Calm And Love Me Greeting Card

Keep Calm And Love Me Valentines or Anniversary Greeting Card

Drawing on the ever-popular Keep Calm and Carry On posters, this card is an adorable spin on the subject, perfect for Valentine’s day as well as any wedding anniversary. You can pick up a copy of this card here.

Doctor Who card, funny Valentine card - 10th Doctor, 11th Doctor, I love you card

Doctor Who Inspired 10th Doctor Funny Valentine Card

Doctor Who fans can rejoice this Valentine’s! Choose to love with all of your hearts and give your favorite Doctor (10 or 11) to your special sweetie! These original illustrations are featured on cards by Darkroom and Dearly on Etsy.

Do You Like Me? Funny Valentine Cards

Do You Like Me? Funny Valentine Cards

Remember those love notes from elementary school? You know, the ones with the check boxes to see if that cute boy or girl liked you back? This card is the perfect throwback to childhood crushes!


Need more humorous V-day inspiration?


Be sure to check out this collection of some more of my favorite funny Valentine’s cards!

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