Gothic Lolita Dresses

Gothic Lolita Dresses

Cute Gothic Lolita Dresses from Milanoo

Cute Gothic Lolita Dresses from Milanoo

Clockwise from top left:

Rayon Sash Black Ruffles Gothic Lolita Dress
Cute Lace Up Dark Red And Black Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress
Cotton Black & White Lace Ties Gothic Lolita Dress
Blue & White Cotton Lace-up Gothic Lolita Dress

While it’s not a style I’d go for on an everyday basis, I think Gothic Lolita fashion is pretty cool, and these Gothic Lolita dresses make me want to do this style, at least for a day or two! (Dragon*Con would be a great excuse!) I discovered the dresses above via Milanoo, which is a great place to look for cute Gothic Lolita dresses. They’ve got a wide assortment, so no matter what Lolita styles you’re into, they’re bound to have something perfect for you!

What is the Gothic Lolita look, you ask? Check out how Wikipedia defines it here. Basically it boils down to a Victorian-era meets super-girly cute subculture of fashion that originated in Japan. It’s spread world wide though – my friend Rachel is really into it and she participates in a local Lolita meet-up group and has plans to go to conventions dedicated to this fashion style!

Gothic and Lolita book

image credit: Gothic and Lolita, a book by Masayuki Yoshinaga & Katsuhiko Ishikawa

A few other great lines of clothing specializing in this style that are readily available are BloomsSOLILOR and Skelapparel. When shopping for the perfect Gothic Lolita look, think lace, ruffles, and lots of layers. As for accessories, a cute Victorian style boot or Mary Jane heel would look great with some lace-trim socks. Top it all off with a black lace parasol.

Looking for more Gothic Lolita fashion?

Never fear, because there is lots more kawaii Lolita clothing to choose from here! Be sure to also visit my Gothic Lolita Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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