Halloween Inspiration: Doctor Who Costumes

Halloween Inspiration: Doctor Who Costumes

Doctor Who costumes are always a fun, easy, comfortable option for Halloween. I’ve seen so many variations, including tons of great female Doctor interpretations. No matter WHO you want to be this year (see what I did there??), here’s some fun stuff to get you started:

Doctor Who costumes

11th Doctor Fez & Bowtie Set
11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
10th Doctor Long Wool Trench Coat
4th Doctor Striped Scarf

Doctor Who villain costumes

Doctor Who Her Universe Dalek Dress
Doctor Who Cyberman Vacuform Mask
Doctor Who Weeping Angel Vacuform Mask
Female Venetian Statue Costume Set

Doctor Who Dalek & Dune stillsuit at Dragon*con

David in a Fremen costume inspired by David Lynch’s Dune stillsuits, with one of the best Daleks from Dragon*Con

With Halloween right around the corner, and costumes always at the forefront of my mind, I thought I’d also round up some of my favorite costumes I’ve seen over the years at Dragon*Con and beyond.

The last few years, one of the biggest themes in costuming I’ve seen there has without a doubt been Doctor Who costumes.

Doctor Who Dalek

I thought this was a fun interpretation of a Dalek. A little steampunk, but most importantly, look at the hat and that GUN! It has all the power to EXTERMINATE!

Doctor Who london gasmask

I saw this fun & easy costume inspired by the Doctor Who episode, The Empty Child, a couple of years ago. I noticed her because she’s wearing an old Trashy Diva dress, but I also recognized the episode reference immediately as well!

Doctor Who Tardis

I saw this TARDIS around a lot during Dragon*con in 2011. I thought it was a pretty fun interpretation!

Tardis Princess

image credit: Tardis Princess

I’ve never seen her cosplay in person, but the Tardis Princess has one of the absolute best TARDIS costumes I’ve ever seen anywhere!

Doctor Who group costume with cute kids

David and I have been talking about the lack of epic Cybermen costumes for a few years now. This adorable group costume featured one of the best Cyberman costumes I’ve seen in person – and it’s a kid! Some friends have been hatching a scheme to build some Cyberman costumes, but they’re not completed quite yet. Although somehow, this year we missed seeing this Steampunk Iron Gentleman Cyberman costume in person at Dragon*con:

Steampunk Iron Gentleman Cyberman Doctor Who costume at Dragon*Con 2013

image credit: dailydragon.dragoncon.org

Doctor Who angel

This is me, acting afraid and looking away from a Weeping Angel at Mechacon! But seriously, I hate those angels. I hate them. (David keeps threatening to get a lifesize statue of one and put it in the bedroom while I’m asleep…)

For more inspiration, check out my Doctor Who board on Pinterest.

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