Handmade Graphic Tees for Geeks Website Review: SEO Advice for Artists

Handmade Graphic Tees for Geeks Website Review

It’s time for another website review! In this series of #BadassCreatives website reviews, I’m taking a peek at a few of your websites in order to help all of you better understand some things that are common SEO (search engine optimization) and user experience issues.

Today we’re going to be looking at the website of Jordandené, which is a really awesome geek-themed handmade graphic tee shirt line. Let’s take a look at her website and see if there’s any room for improvement.

The Transcript:

Let’s take a look at the Jordandené website and think about how she might be able to drive some more traffic in ways that she’s not already doing.

First, let’s look at her blog page. I love how she does these geek chic outfit inspirations based on one of her shirts. She pairs the graphic tee with a lot of other products. You can see she’s done quite a few of them, and they’re really awesome. She uses Polyvore to create these collages with lots of different product photos, for example, this one is “Looking for a Mind at Work.”

This is a tank top with lyrics from Hamilton the musical, which we all know is huge right now. I think that this image would perform really well on Pinterest if she pins it. There’s a few SEO tweaks that I think might be able to make this blog post perform even better.

The title of this blog post is Geek Chic Outfit Inspiration: Werk. Really, it’s about a tee shirt inspired by the musical Hamilton. Yet, there’s no mention of Hamilton anywhere in this blog post. If I click over to either the Looking for a Mind at Work unisex tee or the tank top product page, it also does not say anything about Hamilton.

Now, if you wanted to target people who were really into that musical, you’re going to have to say something about that musical from a search prospective.

The same goes for Pinterest. This type of image is likely to perform will on Pinterest, but we also have to remember that Pinterest is a search engine. If you pin an image on Pinterest, the way that those images get found comes down to the same kinds of search terms that we want on our website. We want those images to have those sorts of search terms when they’re on Pinterest as well.

Let’s see what happens if I try to pin this image to my Pinterest account. This description automatically populates, which actually does say Hamilton shirt, right? That’s helpful because if I don’t make any changes to the pin description, it will say “Hamilton shirt.” (And a lot of people are going to be lazy and they’re not going to change any of this description when they’re pinning.)

You should also think about other phrases that Hamilton fans might use, like “Hamilton fan” or “musical theater geek” or something else similar that might be the kind of search phrases that your perfect customer for that shirt would be looking for.

Think about how you can use those other phrases in ways throughout your website, including your images. Your image alt-text is what gets pulled in automatically as your Pinterest description. You might also think about how to tweak and make your product title, your page title and your product description include more relevant keywords.

This is where having product reviews can also be helpful. Sometimes when people leave a product review, it will actually have more keywords in it. Maybe they’ll talk about what a huge Hamilton musical fan they are and that’s why they bought this shirt. Or they bought it as a gift for their niece, who’s a huge fan of the musical Hamilton. Suddenly you’ve got more words on your page that are relevant to the product that you’re trying to have people find.

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