The Perfect 4 Foot Table for Craft Shows

The Perfect 4 Foot Table for Craft Shows

The Perfect 4 Foot Table for Craft Shows

I sell my handmade jewelry & art at a lot of local craft shows, which means I’ve used more than my fair share of folding tables over the years! I recently discovered the perfect 4 foot table for craft shows. It’s made by the camping company Coleman, and I’ve been using it a lot for my current craft fair setup.

I already had a couple of standard 4 foot wide folding tables. Most normal 4 foot wide tables are 2 feet deep. However, I had noticed that my 6 foot wide folding table is 3 feet deep. (That’s a lot of extra space for displaying my handmade goods!)

I have these great fitted tablecloths for my tables, which I got from Amazon a few years ago. One is for a 4 foot wide table, one for a 6 foot, and one for an 8 foot table. I had noticed a long time ago that my 4 foot wide tablecloth was much deeper across than my old 4 foot table was. The 4 foot width was fine, but there was a lot of extra fabric because the table was not as deep as the fitted tablecloth. My tablecloth was totally made to accommodate a 4×3 table, which didn’t seem to exist!

Recently, I’ve been sharing a booth at a local art market with my friend Kendra. After trying out a few different setups, we discovered that using shorter width tables, paired next to each other at the front of our booth, was better for sales than a longer table on either side of the booth, which forced customers to walk into a crowded booth. However, while using my old 4×2 table, I kept wishing I had that extra foot of table depth to display more stuff on!

The hunt began, and ended, with the only 4×3 foot table I could find! I quickly ordered this table by Coleman from Amazon and sent Kendra the link as well – she ordered one too!

On our first weekend using our new tables, we couldn’t believe how spacious these tables were compared to the old 4×2 tables!

This table folds up a little different than our old tables, since this one is designed for camping. The leg extenders actually come off completely and have storage slots underneath the table for transporting it. There are moveable support beams to make the table sturdy. And it’s very lightweight compared to a lot of my other folding tables.

This table isn’t as sturdy in wind as some of the thick plastic top tables out there, though this one has held up similarly well for me as other 4 foot wide tables. The plastic 4 foot tables are usually only 2 feet across which also makes them less stable than a 6′ x 3′ plastic table. Anytime I’ve used this table at an outdoor show when I was worried about wind, I’ve used sandbags or other weights, draped around the support bars under the table and that worked pretty well.

If you’re looking to expand your craft show set up, but need to keep the tables small and lightweight, this table is a great option!

Just getting your feet wet with craft shows?

Be sure to also check out my post on 5 Craft Show Must Haves, plus the book I wrote with all of my tips & tricks from 10 years of doing craft shows. It’s called How to Make Money at Craft Shows, and you can buy it on Amazon!

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