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Recycled Bangle Bracelets & DIY Recycled Jewelry

I’ve seen a lot of variations on recycled paper products used to create cool accessories (like these shoes made from recycled rice paper by KEEN), but I think these bangle bracelets crafted from recycled magazines are a particularly stylish solution to issue of what to do with all that paper waste! I also like these recycled bangle bracelets, made from various recycled materials:


Amanda Pearl "Recycled Fabric" Large Knife Edge Bangle-Bracelet

Amanda Pearl “Recycled Fabric” Large Knife Edge Bangle-Bracelet

Recycled Can Bangle Bracelet

Recycled Can Bangle Bracelet

MapleXO Bangle Bracelet made from recycled skateboards

MapleXO Bangle Bracelet made from recycled skateboards

Want to make your own recycled jewelry? Here are a few books on how to get started:

Big Green Book of Recycled Crafts

Craftcycle: 100+ Earth-Friendly Projects and Ideas for Everyday Living

Jewelry Upcycled!: Techniques and Projects for Reusing Metal, Plastic, Glass, Fiber, and Found Objects

Junk Jewelry: 25 Extraordinary Designs to Create from Ordinary Objects

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