Squarespace Website Review: SEO Advice for a Graphic Designer

Squarespace Website Review: SEO Advice for a Graphic Designer

This is the final episode in my series of #BadassCreatives website reviews. I’ve been looking at a few of your websites in order to help all of you better understand some things that are common SEO (search engine optimization) and user experience issues.

In this website review, I’m sharing some SEO advice for a graphic designer by looking at the website of LV Book Design, which is my friend Lyn’s project. She’s a graphic designer and she works with novelists and independent authors who want great looking book covers for their independently published books.

While this Squarespace website looks great overall, there are some ways that this website could be improved to get more search engine traffic and attract more clients, including indie authors and self-published writers.

The Transcript:

I’m going to take a peek at Lyn’s website, LV Book Design. We’re going to focus on some ideas that she could use to better tweak some of her content to get her ideal customer (the independent author and writer) to her website. Then they can discover what she does, so that she can get more clients and design more books. Let’s get started.

These are some samples of how a book cover might look if she designed it. She’s got a lot of different types of genres and sample designs.

One thing that I noticed is she, on her blog, has some interviews with some indie authors who are the types of people that she would want to be booking her as a client so that she can design their books. One thing that I noticed is that in these interviews they’ve got pictures of some of these authors’ books, and what I’m curious about, what I think might end up misleading people if it’s not the case, is are those book covers designed by Lyn? Or are they book covers that somebody else designed?

If I’m on your website as a book cover designer, my assumption would be that maybe you designed these book covers. I’m not sure if that’s the case, but if it’s not the case, then I think that you could potentially confuse and mislead some people who are reading this who might otherwise want to book you. They might come to you and say, “Oh. I thought that you designed that cover.”

You might either want to remove those sample book covers from these interviews or make a caption or something to say that this is their book cover but you didn’t design this, and then maybe somehow link it back around to the samples of the book covers that you could design or that you did design.

You’ve also got free resources to help you write your novel. Let me click through to this, which offers some free downloads that you created for writers. Your first one that I see was created in January so it’s all about setting goals for your writing for the new year. You’ve got this great graphic that would perform well on Pinterest. It’s very optimized for Pinterest, meaning it’s a tall vertical graphic with some text.

Right now, you are making it so that somebody has to do a content upgrade or they have to opt-in to get this information. If I’m new to your website, I don’t really have any other information from you. Now, I love an opt-in offer or a content upgrade where somebody can get some free download or free information if they give you their email address and they get on your list.

The problem with this particular way that you have this set up is that all of the good stuff is hidden. You have to give your email address in order to get it. What I would love to see you offer first is more information for free for your ideal customer, those writers and indie authors. Give away more information for free in the blog post itself, and then an additional piece of information if they opt in and give you their email address in order to get that extra thing.

If I’m just discovering you from the first time, maybe I saw this image on Pinterest, I don’t know whether I can trust you. People can be careful with their email addresses so I need to know that you’re not just going to start sending me spam. I need to know that this is going to be useful.

I’d suggest creating some helpful information with some tips about how to write a novel in this actual blog post itself and then offer an additional free workbook that I could opt-in to get if I gave you my email address. I want to get something first to make sure that I should be able to trust you with my email address, to make sure that it’s useful and that it’s worth my time.

Like I said, these images would work great on Pinterest. I’m going to click over to Pinterest. You can see that there’s a lot of similar types of content over here, for example, “What you need to set up your novel ending in your opening scene” has been pinned over 8,000 times. “Five tips to help you write a novel in a month” has been re-pinned over 5,000 times.

There’s a lot of similar information out there so I think you’re on the right track. I love this idea of creating information and then creating pinnable images that will have the potential to go viral on Pinterest and then drive traffic back to your website. I just want more information on your website itself once they get there, with the tips for writers and then, once they’ve got some information and they knew they can trust you, then also offer that free workbook or that free upgrade.

I think you just kind of skipped a little bit of a step in the middle that would help gain the trust and gain the credibility from your ideal audience. That’s the thing that I would have you work on with your content: beefing out the content and offering a little bit more for free to gain trust and credibility.

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