The Best Directors Chair for Craft Shows & Art Markets

The Best Directors Chair for Craft Shows & Art Markets

best directors chair for craft shows

I’ve been selling my handmade wares at local art markets and festivals off and on since 2004. (I even wrote a book about it!) One thing I’ve learned is that it’s great to be at eye level with your customers when you’re behind your booth. The best directors chair for craft shows is one that can put you at the same level as your customers, yet be light-weight, portable and comfortable. It helps you to make a personal connection and sell more than if you’re sitting down low, almost hidden behind a table in a traditional outdoor folding chair.

After years of doing these events, and often times standing all day or sitting perched on an unsupportive folding stool, I started seeing other artists in their booths, sitting on tall directors chairs that were portable and made for outdoor use. After searching high and low around local sporting goods stores with no luck, my search eventually led me to Amazon, where I found this chair and immediately ordered it.

Now that I have mine, other artists ask me all the time where I got it. I love this chair and it has already lasted me over a year of pretty serious use and abuse. The heavy-duty aluminum chair frame is NOT physically heavy at all, but it IS super durable. I love that it has side pockets, which are great for storing things in while I’m working behind my booth. (Sometimes I’ll use a plastic grocery bag in one of the pockets as a liner for a make-shift trash can on the go.) This chair is definitely on my list of craft show must-haves.

Even if you don’t sell at craft shows, this chair is great for outdoor use at home, not to mention for other outdoor activities like sporting events, or selling at garage sales or flea markets! This is also a great portable director’s chair for makeup artists who may need to bring a chair to locations for their clients to sit on during makeup applications.

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